Stephen Seymour


I love San Bruno, I love my neighbors. I love my community. I see opportunities everywhere, opportunities we need to take advantage of.

Before Covid-19 we were amongst the few cities with a deficit.  How could San Bruno not be prospering? We are in the middle of Silicon Valley. Our history of financial mismanagement continues to challenge us. It will take years of dedication, planning, and vision to shephard us into fiscal sustainability.  COVID 19 has now exacerbated the existing deficit. I have the experience to work alongside you to address the challenges we face. Everyone talks about improving organizational inefficiencies, I have actually done it.

I was the Managing Director of Operations for FedEx for the Greater Bay Area and the state of Hawaii. Through dialogue and employee involvement we built processes and set priorities that reduced operating cost and improved customer service. We can do the same in San Bruno, but we will need to do a better job listening to those who live and work here.

Join me.  We will build a stronger San Bruno. I will listen to you.  As a 20 year resident, recent retiree and community volunteer, I will devote much of my time and energy to working for you.  I support long-term planning and investment. With your input we can move The City With A Heart to a better future.


Through engaging our community we can make San Bruno a more inclusive city. A city that listens. Diversity is our strength. Let’s celebrate it.  Let’s respect our green and open spaces. With focus we can transform our downtown and commercial districts to better serve us and draw visitors from neighboring cities. Creative expression will brighten up our community. Thoughtful development will improve our city. With greater vision and planning, San Bruno will truly become the City With a Heart.