Celebrating Community

Your Involvement

Mar Y Mar on San Mateo Ave

San Mateo Ave

We need to actively support our downtown merchants. A greater street presence, more sidewalk dining options and occassional partial street closures may have the ability to bring more foot traffic to the avenue.

The opportunities for San Mateo Avenue are endless. This is the heart of our city, it is our downtown business district, sits just blocks from city hall, its time we give it the attention it deserves.

With focus we can strengthen an already thriving community and share it with those who choose to take their business elswhare. I support a deeper discussion to see what we can do together.

Enhanced Communication

I will work to influence greater community involvement in the direction of San Bruno. COVID has taught us we can look to communication modes that allow for greater collaboration and resident involvement. If elected, I will support more virtual public meetings even after COVID. 

Arts and Culture Focus

I support murals  and public art for our downtown cooridor, parks, and city buildings. We could solicit local artists from the community, Skyline College, and Capuchino High School to share their artistic talent with the community.  

We have amazing artists right here in San Bruno. We need to give them a place to showcase their talent.

Why does Public Art Matter? Cities gain value through public art – cultural, social, and economic value. Public art is a distinguishing part of our public history and our evolving culture. It reflects and reveals our society, adds meaning to our cities and uniqueness to our communities. Public art humanizes the built environment and invigorates public spaces. It provides an intersection between past, present and future, between disciplines, and between ideas. 


Our Grand Entrance – Celebrating Community and our Service Clubs

We need a grand entrance to San Bruno. An entrance that would celebrate our rich San Bruno culture and highlight the service clubs that support the community. Such an entrance would showcase our San Bruno pride and welcome visitors to our downtown. 

I am currently working with the Rotary Club on a grant to pay for this. I am also working with Caltrain to get approval to use the wall above to paint a mural on.