Equity Committee or Commission

San Bruno is blessed with a community rich in ethnic diversity. We are a community made of many cultures.

I support the creation of an Equity Committee or Commission, to review our current policies and practices. Think about how much closer our community can grow when we have a better understanding of the roll we all play in this vibrant community.

South San Francisco has created a Racial and Social Equity Commision. Click here to see what they are doing. 

Last Mile Shuttle

San Bruno’s General Plan calls for local shuttle service. Its important that we find funding to support its implimentation.

A shuttle service would make it easier to get to and from the major transportation hubs, BART, and Caltrain. It could also shuttle seniors and others to and from the major shopping areas.

South San Francisco has had a free shuttle for sometime now. Click here to learn more about their shuttle service.

Neighborhoods East of El Camino

Next time you have a chance, take a drive through the neighbohoods east of El Camino. Residents who live here have been asking for our city to address the severe dumping issue in this area for years.

As part of the solution, I will work with my colleagues and the City Manager to get Caltrain and Caltrans to establish a regimented maintenance schedule for the properties they manage. This includes the property under the 380 overpass and next to the traintracks.

Being accustomed to hearing dumping complaints  like this, I know this is not the only area in San Bruno that needs a little TLC. If elected, I will be an advocate for cleaner streets and neighborhoods for all of San Bruno.

If this issue interests you, here are some furthing resources for your consideration:  Illegal Dumping Campaign Consequences of Illegal Dumping  Mattress Recycling Clean-Pak