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Ride A Long With San Bruno Police Chief Johanson

As a candidate for San Bruno City Council I have committed myself to learning as much as I can about the inner workings of our city departments. Recently I had the opportunity to ride along with San Bruno Police Chief Ryan Johanson. As we drove through the city we discussed the uniqueness of each neighborhood, challenges the police often confront while on the job, police staffing, traffic, parking, homelessness, community-police partnerships, and some of the truly heroic things our officers do on a daily basis for our community.

Our police department is essential to our City’s safety, well-being, and quality of life. Our City’s current budget deficit has had a profound effect on our police department that is not faced by similar cities who have taken advantage of revenue generating opportunities for many years before San Bruno. This is unfortunate and makes our police department’s job more difficult. 

Chief Johanson has made himself accessible and has shown a sincere interest in the community he and his officers serve. City Manager Grogan and Chirf Johanson are currently reviewing departmental policies and procedures for possible updates. I stand by our police department. Together we can make San Bruno safer for all. #sbfirst

San Bruno Responds

For minor issues impacting our quality of life you can use the San Bruno Responds App.

Welcome To San Bruno Responds! Here you can report issues, track their status and receive updates as the City reviews, addresses and completes the request.  

San Bruno Responds is an online reporting tool to submit service requests (illegal dumping, potholes, sidewalk issues, graffiti, tree concerns, etc.) via our mobile app or website directly to the City of San Bruno. My wife and I advocated for this online reporting tool for most of 2016. In March of 2017 the city launched this site. We are proud that our advocacy resulyted in a reporting app that holds our city accountability for addressing the issues important to you. 

With San Bruno Responds, service requests are easily submitted by completing a short description of the request. A picture of the issue can be included in order to provide additional details. The mobile app will automatically know the issue location* and the chosen request type will ensure that the issue is sent to the appropriate department in the City. The submitter and subsequent followers will be able to track the request through to its resolution. All requests are sorted and assigned a priority by City staff, and will be processed accordingly.

Official City of San Bruno responses will be provided from a designated “Verified Official” representative.

Requests made through San Bruno Responds are considered non-emergency / non-hazardous in nature and will be responded to during normal business hours Mon-Fri (excluding holidays).

If this is an emergency, DIAL 9-1-1 OR (650) 877-8989 
or the Police non-emergency number (650) 616-7100.

Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch Program is a highly successful effort that has been in existence for more than thirty years in cities and counties across America. It provides a unique infrastructure that brings together local officials, law enforcement and citizens to protect our communities.

This program has the unique ability to partner with our San Bruno Police Department and the San Bruno Crime Prevention Committee to reduce crime. Its a great way to bring our communities together.

You can learn more about San bruno’s Neighborhood Watch Program by clicking here.

Have you ever look at the interactive map above? You can access it here


Lets take care of our community by protecting our family, friends and neighbors from COVID. Wearing a mask, social distancing and not congregating in large groups has proven to slow the spread of the virus.

We must protect the most vulnerable amongst us, our elederly population and those with preexisting medical conditions.

To stay informed about COVID you can click here.